Wednesday 10 April 2024

The Muck: When You're Nearly Broke, Should You Get a Job or Play Poker?

 The Muck: When You're Nearly Broke, Should You Get a Job or Play Poker?

Recently, an intriguing discussion on what poker players should do if they run out of money—get a job or continue to play cards for a living—rose on poker X.슬롯사이트 주소

This edition of The Muck asks you to give your thoughts after sharing the social media answer to the question. First, though, let's talk about how the argument got started.

Can a Broke Person Play Poker?

Reality TV celebrity turned professional poker player Kevin Martin replied to the tweet by bringing up the topic of poker. If anyone is familiar with the challenges of starting from nothing and working your way up to something, it's "K-Mart," which sought

"Absolute garbage advice! If you’re truly broke you should avoid crypto, poker or any volatile industry. Get a stable job and get your life on track. These pursuits will still be there in the future. Don’t mess around with your precious rent + food money. Wait till you have disposable income," Martin replied.

Martin gave up after 500 hours of livestreaming his entire life, including his online poker play, since he was unable to fulfill his aim of getting from $0 to $5,000. However, it's obvious that he picked up a few tips about how tough it is to scratch out a livelihood on very little.

But Matt Berkey offered an alternative viewpoint. He claims that the benefits of making a living from poker are greater than those of taking a low-paying job.

Several users on X raised the concern of becoming homeless in the event that the poker gig doesn't go as planned. A conventional job comes with a guaranteed weekly (or monthly) income, but poker isn't like that. So how can you live during the lean times if you're on the verge of bankruptcy and don't have a limitless cash to blow via buy-ins? It might even mean living in a car in certain situations.카지노사이트

However, as Berkey said, a poker player may only receive a meager salary with no opportunity for advancement in an entry-level position, particularly if they lack experience or a college degree. A person on X recommended playing poker in addition to having a normal job.

Bobby Harr (@BobbyHReports) wrote, "Even at the small stakes I play, poker has paid my bills many times and gotten me through tough financial situations until my next pay period."

Caleb Shumard (@ElGueroChulo7) says, "I would recommend getting a dealing job. It's one of the best paying entry level jobs without needing a degree." 

A member on X appeared to support Berkey when they said, "The first reason why you are broke is because of your 9-5 job." Granted, this is hyperbole given the millions of successful people who work 9 to 5 jobs, but many of the participants in the discussion seemed to agree with this viewpoint.

"The number of people I saw playing poker with (losing) their rent money was unbelievable. Not to mention those begging to borrow because they’d already lost that. Or the one who robbed a gas station because he lost what he borrowed. Or the one who robbed the place he worked. Or…," tweeted David Bloomberg (@DavidBloomberg).

You run a very significant danger of ruin because this is also how many people go bankrupt when they chase asymmetric upside.

As Swiss poker player Andreas Froehli said, "You don't need to save much before taking risks, but rent + food is still non-negotiable if you don't have a support system like family that buys it for you."

Those on poker X made a lot of good comments on both sides of the argument. Now that you've heard from us, please cast your vote in the poll below.온라인카지노

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