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Online Poker Earnings Tracker

Online Poker Earnings Tracker

Online Poker Earnings Tracker

There are a variety of different ways that you can track your online poker earnings. You can either use a software program that is designed specifically for tracking your online poker games, or you can use an online poker calculator to help you determine what you can expect to make at your next game.온라인카지노

Holdem Manager 3

Holdem Manager 3 is a poker tracking software that provides a comprehensive set of statistics, reports and other information. It is one of the most popular tracking programs in the world. Since 2007, it has been used by over a million players. This software has
been improved and is now faster, more feature-rich and easier to customize.

Holdem Manager 3 allows users to analyze individual players and find areas of strategy. They can also learn how to identify leaks in their opponents. In addition, the program records hands and keeps track of your progress.

Holdem Manager 3 is available for free download. You can also purchase a support package. The cost of the support packages is $25 for Omaha or Holdem Small Stakes and $160 for Holdem or Omaha Full Stakes.

Poker Stack

Poker Stack is a poker earnings tracker app that keeps track of the results of your sessions and gives you an idea of which games to focus on. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The home screen shows your last session, which is helpful for seeing how you've performed over the past month. You can also see your friend's latest sessions.

The app uses location services to track where you play and when. This feature can help you determine which locations offer the best poker experiences.

When you start a new game, the app will pre-fill fields. You can also filter the view to visualize performance for certain time periods.

The app also provides advice from Chris Ferguson, a former WSOP champion. His recommendations include keeping a clean stack, not opening bets or calling 5% of your bankroll, and spending less than 2% of your bankroll on MTTs.


Sharkscope is an online poker earnings tracker that enables users to search for tournament results in a simple, yet effective, way. The tool enables users to view player profiles, win/loss statistics, and other information. It also provides a variety of leaderboards for different types of games.

The site boasts the largest database of online poker tournament results, including more than 900,000,000 events on Pokerstars and other sites. These stats can be used to improve a player's game.

A Sharkscope subscription is available for a monthly fee, or for a one-time payment. You can choose to subscribe to a plan that lets you use the HUD on two devices at the same time, or to purchase a package that includes the Hand History Tracker. There are no long-term contracts, so you can cancel your subscription at any time.카지노사이트

Tournament Cruncher

It is easy to track your poker results on the go with the help of a free app, but if you want to take it a step further, then you should check out Tournament Cruncher, an online poker earnings tracker. Besides providing you with a full picture of what's going on, it also helps you make better decisions.

The first version of this app is free and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. However, to get all the features and capabilities, you'll have to pay for a license. You can purchase this license via Skrill, PayPal, or credit card.

With a license, you can install the software on two computers. This means that you and your friends can share sessions together. For example, you can analyze your play in an upcoming tournament. Plus, you can store as many sessions as you want.


PokerTracker is a software program used for tracking online poker earnings. It is designed to give players an edge over their opponents. The program offers several useful tools for analyzing games and determining strengths and weaknesses.

The program offers a wide range of options for users to create custom graphics and analyses. In addition to these, it can also show the statistics of the winners and losers.

The tool has a graphical interface that is easy to navigate. You can also import hand histories automatically. Once imported, you can edit or delete notes.

It is possible to export the note data to a spreadsheet or video. Moreover, you can choose from the most popular currencies for the software.온라인카지노사이트

Another feature of the software is the ability to track your bankroll. It has graphs that show how your bankroll changes over time. This can help you to see leaks and prevent them from affecting your bankroll.

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