Thursday 29 February 2024

Pads Leonard - High Stakes MTT Grinder

Pads Leonard - High Stakes MTT Grinder

Pads Leonard is a high stakes MTT grinder, the former #1 online tournament player and co-founder of BitB, one of the world's biggest coaching stables. He also owns a soccer team and gives reality TV show betting advice for free on Instagram.슬롯사이트 추천

This month he won his first WSOP bracelet, a unique achievement in that it came in a non-short-field WSOP event. He also regularly crushes online MTT fields and is an ambassador for partypoker.


With over $12 million in online tournament cashes, Patrick Leonard is one of the biggest MTT crushers on the planet. He’s a big player in the live game too, having cashed for over $2.5 million in major events.

He’s a vocal ambassador for partypoker and has spent the past five years helping the site hone its product. This has been a great way to sharpen his silky skills and earn some extra money.

Recently, Pads has been crushing the online game with wins in a few of the newest high-roller tournaments. He’s also been grinding hard and showing no signs of slowing down.

His latest victory came at the MILLIONS Online KO event, a massive partypoker flagship that attracts a mix of the best players in the world. He beat names like Nacho Barbero, Niklas “Lena900” Astedt, Samuel Vousden and Christoph Rudolph to win the title. The victory moved him up the rankings, overtaking Brazil’s Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani who had been number 1 for six weeks.


Patrick Leonard (nicknamed “Pads” on Twitter) is one of the world’s top online tournament poker players. He has over $11 million in career earnings according to his Hendon Mob page and is a feared live player as well, with numerous high-stakes cashes to his name. He also co-founded bitB Staking, a staking group that backs profitable players and pays for their buy-ins in exchange for a portion of their profits.

At the 2022 WSOP, Leonard won his first bracelet in one of the most popular events on the schedule, the $1,000 Tag Team event. The win was especially sweet for the Englishman because it came after a long dry spell.

It is no secret that the top players in poker spend a huge amount of time and effort thinking about the game. However, some players can become obsessed with the game and end up having a negative impact on their own performance. According to Leonard, this can be avoided by informing others when they are being negative and removing them from your circle of influence.온라인카지노


Patrick Leonard, better known as “Pads,” is a high stakes online MTT crusher with more than $15 million in winnings. He has also been a successful co-founder of the BitB Staking group and owns a soccer team. Despite his impressive poker resume, many have been questioning the integrity of his live streams.

In a recent stream, Pads played a hand in which his hole card was exposed to MaximusBlack. This is an obvious angle shoot, but it’s one that many players might try when they transition from online to live poker.

Fortunately, Pads did the right thing and released a video response explaining that he was simply trying to make the hand more interesting for viewers. He said that he didn’t attempt to trick Shehadeh into exposing his hand, but wanted to get a read on him to see if he was strong or weak. He did this by using “speech play”. He also emphasized that he would never intentionally try to angle on his own stream with tens of thousands watching.


The WSOP is the world's most famous poker tournament. It features a variety of events and has an enormous prize pool. In 2023, it awarded more than $400 million in prizes. The Main Event, which has the highest first-prize payout in WSOP history, attracted a record field of 10,043 players.

Unlike other poker tournaments, the WSOP has a different table layout with two flattened curves on either side of the dealer. This allows players to be less cramped. It also makes it easier for spectators to see the action.

The WSOP is also famous for its Heads Up tournaments, where players compete in one-on-one matches against established pros like Hellmuth and Negreanu. These tournaments feature a variety of games, but most of them are no-limit Hold'em. WSOP heads up tables are not racetrack-shaped, and seats 1 and 9 can be moved forward a bit to allow better reach. This gives players more comfort and accuracy.온라인카지노사이트

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